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Truck Tops Utah: How to choose a truck shell


When purchasing a truck shell in Utah (also known as Truck Canopy, Truck Top, Truck Lid, Truck Shell, or Camper Shell) for your truck, it is important to keep in mind several things:  What will you be using your truck top for?  Will you use it every time you use your truck?  Will you keep expensive items in the back?  Is it primarily for your pets?  Your tools?  Recreation?  Also, what is your budget?  Truck shells range from about $1300 up to $3000 dollars depending on options.

Asking yourself these questions will help you determine the best fit for your lifestyle.  Truck shells are almost always custom ordered to your specifications.  A salesman can help you decide what the best fit for you is.  Or, if you’d rather, you can start browsing manufacturer websites yourself.  Some of the biggest truck shell manufacturers are Leer and Snugtop.  Truck shells come in a variety of heights and styles.  Cab high shells are among the most popular type and come built the exact height of your truck cab.  This will give your truck more of an SUV style look when installed.  Mid-rise shells rise up about 4-5″ above the top of your truck cab, giving more cargo space or head room if you are planing on camping out a few nights in your truck bed.  Last, high rise shells will give the most space – in addition, they offer larger bay windows to let in more light.

What about side windows, side doors, rear doors, keys?  There is a lot more that comes into play when choosing a shell.  If you have pets you will considering choosing a shell with sliding windows or tip out windows.  Sliding windows have a pet screen option to keep your screens in tip top shape if your dog is bigger and loves to press his nose on the screens.

Keyless entry is available on some models of rear doors, which will allow you to lock and unlock your shell with your existing key fob for easy access throughout the day.

Do you need a rack?  What about other cargo storage options?  You’d be surprised what is available today!  Of course not all options are available for all trucks.  Your local dealer can help you determine what is available for your lifestyle and help you build the custom cap of your dreams.

Once you have picked out your shell, you will provide your local dealer with as much information about your truck as you can.  Year, make, model, VIN number, cab style (crew cab, double cab, extended cab, king cab, access cab, regular cab, standard cab — all makes of truck have different names for cab styles) and bed length.  We always advise that you measure your truck bed with a tape measure and provide the dealer with the length in feet and inches.  Many trucks are available with three different bed lengths and it is very important to verify terms like “short bed” and “long bed” in order to get the correct shell on order.  All dealers will ask for a deposit (generally around 50%) to order anything so custom such as this, and then you will wait approximately 2-3 weeks for your shell to be built to your specifications, painted to match your truck, and shipped from the manufacturer to the dealer.  You will then be scheduled for a 1-2 hour appointment to have the shell installed by the dealer’s professional techs.  All shells include wiring and a break light, many include an interior dome light, some will have keyless entry hooked up and all shells will be clamped with hidden J clamps that do not drill into your truck (unless you prefer a drilled install, then please let your dealer know!)

Once your cap is installed, the dealer will show you how everything works and you can drive away happy!

2015 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab 6.5′ Bed with a Leer 100XQ installed

For more information, check out Sam T Evans showrooms in Salt Lake City or Ogden, Utah.

We have sold truck tops and truck caps in Utah since 1959. Over 400 truck caps, truck tops and truck shells in stock-the largest inventory of truck toppers in Utah!
Call our sales team at 801-233-8677, or come in and visit our truck accessory showrooms in Salt Lake City and Ogden for convenient shopping and service.

We are a family owned and operated business-to give you that “neighborhood service” to go along with our Top Brand truck tops and truck accessories.



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